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Pet Insurance is often an overlooked coverage.

By March 23, 2024No Comments
Pet Insurance - Happy Golden Retriever and Adult Cat Playing Together on the Floor in the Kitchen of Family Home While Waiting for Food

Pet insurance is not new, but pet owners often overlook it. Many people believe that it is a waste of money or that it is only necessary for older pets. However, there are several surprising benefits to having pet insurance that many people do not know about.

1. Financial Protection: One of the most significant benefits of pet insurance is financial protection. Just like humans, pets can get sick or injured unexpectedly. The cost can quickly add up if your pet requires emergency medical care. Pet insurance can help cover these unexpected expenses and give you peace of mind, knowing that you won’t have to worry about the cost of care in an emergency.

2. Preventive Care: Many pet insurance policies include coverage for preventive care, including annual check-ups, vaccines, and teeth cleanings. Though seemingly small, these routine visits can accumulate significant costs. However, pet insurance can mitigate these expenses, ensuring that your pet receives the necessary preventive care to maintain its health and happiness.

3. Access to Specialists: Some pet insurance policies offer coverage for specialist care, such as oncology or cardiology. If your pet requires specialized care, having pet insurance can help cover the cost of these treatments, which can be expensive without insurance.

4. Peace of Mind: Pet insurance is invaluable. The fear of unexpected medical expenses or the heart-wrenching decision to put your pet down due to the high cost of treatment can be alleviated with pet insurance. It allows you to focus on providing your pet with the care it needs without worrying about financial strain.

5. Discounts and Perks: Some pet insurance providers offer discounts and perks, such as discounts on pet food or access to telemedicine services. These benefits can help you save money and provide your pet with additional care options.

Overall, pet insurance is an excellent investment for pet owners. It provides financial protection, access to preventive and specialist care, and peace of mind. If you haven’t considered pet insurance before, now is the time to do so. MidOhio Insurance Solutions offers Pet Insurance with Safeco Insurance Company, an AMBest A+ (EXCELLENT) rated insurer.